Croatia, is a small gem of a country located in southern Europe, boasting some of the most stunning scenery on the continent, including amazing natural landscapes and clear, turquoise waters. Despite enduring the harsh Yugoslav Wars in the 90s, the country is home to some of the kindest and friendliest people who you’ll ever meet. Come with us on an adventure across Croatia and check out some of the country’s gorgeous offerings!

1. Dubrovnik

This ancient city is probably the most well-known place in all of Croatia. The red-roofed buildings inside the walled city have made are ingrained in peoples’ minds; we all know this place, even if we haven’t visited it – yet. The view of the old Dubrovnik harbor is something we all are familiar with.

Miia Haapanen

2. Split

The gateway to Makarska Riviera and the breathtaking islands along the Croatian coast. The city has a history like no other; Roman emperor Diocletian built his retirement home here – a palace which still stands tall to this day, a site loved by locals and travelers alike. People visit the palace squares throughout the day and night to enjoy great company, delicious food and fantastic wine.

Miia Haapanen

3. Istria Peninsula and Istria County

In Croatia’s north lays the Istria peninsula. The largest town in the area is Pula, it’s worth setting up camp here to explore the surrounding areas. From the 1800s to the 1900s, the region used to be under Austria-Hungary’s rule and following World War I, Istria formed an alliance with Italy. There are notable influences of both cultures in the area, ranging from the cuisine to the architecture, the most iconic being an exquisite Roman Colosseum-like amphitheater.

While you’re in Pula, make a trip to Poreč, a town that’s nearly 2,000 year old, and home to the UNESCO Heritage Site of Euphrasian Basilica, dating back to the 6th century.


4. Islands of Brac and Hvar

Don’t miss Croatia’s islands! Brač is best known for Croatia’s most famous sand beach, the Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn). Walking to the beach from the harbor town of Bol is beautiful, from the woods to the coast line. The beach’s appearance is constantly changing; its shape of it alters with the winds and sea currents.

The island of Hvar again, is said to be the sunniest place in Croatia. If you enjoy a good drop, you’ll find Hvar to be a paradise, some of Croatia’s best wines are produced right here!


Miia Haapanen