These days, it seems like a new American craft beer brewery pops up every hour. The West Coast is known for having some of the best around, scattered across Washington, Oregon and California. With such an abundance of choice for beer lovers both local and global, where does one begin?

Don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. Enjoy our handy guide with 10 West Coast breweries you shouldn’t miss.



Smog City Brewing, Los Angeles

A newcomer to the craft beer game, these guys opened up a family-run operation in 2011. They are killing it when it comes to exceptional well-crafted beers that stand out in an area with an abundance of breweries.

Top pick: Coffee Porter

Green Flash Brewing, San Diego

Located in laid-back San Diego, Green Flash was founded by Mike and Lisa Hinkley back in 2002; it’s one of the more experimental breweries to exist in Southern California.

Top pick: West Coast IPA

Anchor Brewing, San Francisco

Talk about history – you can trace this brewery’s roots all the way back to 1849! These folks definitely know what they’re doing – they are, in fact, the oldest brewery in California.

Top pick: Original Anchor Steam Beer


Sierra Nevada, Chico

This extremely underrated brewery originated in 1979, and they’ve done a top-notch job of paving the way for experimental pale ales. A testament to order and tradition, Sierra Nevada has had the same head brewer the whole time!

Top pick: Go with a seasonal!

Recommended: Beer Camp Tropical IPA



Double Mountain Brewery, Hood River

Double Mountain has been in the game now since 2007 and they’re growing in popularity like crazy. Situated in gorgeous Hood River, they’re making some of the most complex craft beers on the West Coast.

Top pick: Devil’s Kriek Sour (if available!)

Crux Fermentation Project, Bend

Known for it’s non-traditional brewing methods, Crux has some super interesting brews with one of the most gorgeous taprooms in all of Oregon. Don’t judge Crux by its size – they’re not to be underestimated.


Top pick: Enigma Saison

The Commons Brewery, Portland

A quaint brewery with some big flavors. Commons specializes in some very unique-tasting European-style brewing, mixed with traditional Northwest flavors.

Top pick: Flemish Kiss



Walking Man Brewing, Stevenson

These guys have been pumping out award-winning craft beer since they first opened in 2000. As an added bonus, Walking Man is located in the gorge-ous Columbia Gorge (ha!). Great beers in a stunning location? Yes please!

Top pick: Black Cherry Stout

Foggy Noggin Brewing, Bothell

These guys are one of the smallest breweries in Washington – they’re literally located in a garage! However, they’re also by far one of the most underrated. Foggy Noggin have perfected making small batch English-style ales. Cheerio!

Top pick: Christmas Duck

Elysian Brewing, Seattle

These brewers now have a whopping 4 locations, have produced over 350 different craft beers since they opened in 1996. They span the spectrum of brewing styles without losing exceptional quality along the way.

Top pick: The Immortal IPA