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Holy Michelangelo, Batman! 10 Incredible Religious Paintings from the Renaissance

From The Creation of Adam to the Last Supper, we explore the most beautiful religious paintings of the Renaissance from Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian and more.

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Can’t Stop the Feeling? Here’s Justin Timberlake’s All-Time Top 10 Tunes!

Join us and bring SexyBack as we count down Tennman’s top 10 Billboard-charting songs of all time, complete with JT’s music videos from YouTube!

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“One Must Work and Dare” – 21 Vincent van Gogh Quotes to Live By

During his life, Dutch art legend Vincent van Gogh wrote numerous profound letters containing many pearls of wisdom. Enjoy 21 of his most inspirational quotes.

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12 Secrets Hiding Behind the Mona Lisa

To this day, mystery still shrouds the most famous painting in the world. Just what did Leonardo da Vinci hide behind La Gioconda’s curious smile?

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Breaking the Fourth Wall: How Shakespeare Shaped House of Cards

Discover how the Bard of Avon’s work has influenced the popular Netflix series, as well as Kevin Spacey’s thoughts on portraying Shakespearean characters.

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