There’s nothing quite as liberating as getting out and exploring this magnificent world we live in; in a way, it’s something you can spend your money on that’ll make you richer. Whether you’re heading overseas for a while or just taking a short break interstate to recharge, make sure you’re prepared. Get online and grab these handy travel apps. They’ll take some of the stress out of traveling – some will even save you money!

Google Maps

Whether you’re globetrotting or just heading off on a road trip interstate, be sure to have the latest update of this free app installed on your phone. Google Maps will give you fast, accurate directions to your destination, either on foot, by car or using public transport. This app has just upped its game even more by including a new taxi tab option next to the existing modes of transport, giving users handy information such as taxi tariffs and companies operating in that area.

Free: iOS / Android

XE Currency Converter

Sometimes it can get quite stressful working out what things cost in a foreign place, compared to your own currency back home. This is where XE Currency Converter steps in, providing you with up-to-date exchange rates that’ll give you the power to stop overpaying for food, accommodation and souvenirs! We love XE Currency Converter because it’s free and extremely easy to use.


Free: iOS / Android


Words and phrases that get lost in translation open the door for some seriously embarrassing (sometimes even cringe-worthy) situations. With TripLingo, you can minimize the risk of this occurring, simply by typing a phrase or word into your smartphone and hitting the “Learn” button. You’ll be given several translations for almost any phrase, slang or formal, as well as handy phonetic guides! TripLingo will set you back about $30 a month, or roughly a dollar a day. For a handy, fun way to learn conversational phrases in a huge range of languages, it’s well worth the price of admission, in our opinion.

Subscription-based, free version available: iOS / Android

Once your flight details are taken care of, your next port of call is organizing somewhere to stay. As the most popular travel company in the world, has you covered with their free app which’ll make organizing your stay easy peas. Its newest feature even allows you to chat online with your hotel before and after your stay. guarantees the best prices for every type of property. The app is accessible anytime with no booking fees ever.

Free: iOS / Android


Look at TripAdvisor as your go-to guide for accommodation and restaurants across the globe. Never again fear checking into a hotel only to find the room is vastly different to what’s shown on its website. This free app gives you the option to browse through millions of travelers’ reviews and photos before making your decision on where to stay and dine. Goodbye bedbugs, hello comfort!

Free: iOS / Android