We’ve all been there: paying a ridiculous amount of money for a flight, only to find another one that’s a few hundred dollary-doos cheaper somewhere else; it’s seriously annoying! Let that be a thing of the past: Skyscanner will do the hard work and hunt down the best price for you. Simply plug your travel dates and destination into this free app, and it will scour through millions of flights to find you the best travel deal possible. For would-be travelers who don’t have specific travel dates or destinations in mind, Skyscanner also has a handy chart view feature; a nice visual representation that allows people to find the cheapest time and place to fly. What are you waiting for?

Free: iOS / Android

TripIt Pro

Seriously, what’s not to love about this savvy app? It’s the next best thing to having your own personal travel concierge. Before you jet-set to your destination, forwarding all of your travel confirmation emails to TripIt and they’ll organize everything into one, easy to read itinerary for your smartphone, complete with confirmation codes, maps and other essential information! TripIt will even let you know about things like flight delays and gate changes. Though it’s a little on the pricey side at $49 a year, TripIt Pro is every travel junkie’s handy sidekick; it’ll save you time and keep your trip stress-free, with real-time alerts letting you know of any changes to your itinerary.


Subscription-based, free version available: iOS / Android


Ahh, Uber… the arch nemesis of every cabbie in the world. While taxi companies ain’t got no love for Uber, your wallet sure will. The beauty of this handy ride-booking app? It’s just so easy! Simply open Uber and request a ride. It’ll then ask you where you’re traveling from and your destination. A map will then appear allowing you to see where your driver is and their arrival time. Uber is also significantly cheaper than traditional taxi services and you’ll feel much safer knowing who you’re riding with, and you’ll no doubt come across some interesting drivers, conversations and stories! You’ll also be able to pay directly from your card linked to your Uber account – no more haggling!

Free to download, pay per ride: iOS / Android



It never happened unless it’s been documented on social media, right? Snapchat is a free app that gives you the platform to share your adventures with friends and family, while saving snaps to your picture gallery if you choose. Make your friends at home green with envy when they open their Snapchat to see you parading your best threads through Paris, or sipping sangria in Spain. It’s similar to Instagram, where you can explore areas and learn more about the place you’re visiting through other users’ snaps. Snap to it!

Free: iOS / Android


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life, your loved ones are going to want to touch base with you every now and then to make sure you’re OK. Keep them off your back by downloading WhatsApp to your device. It’s also handy for keeping in touch with fellow travelers you meet on the road, and coordinating plans for rendezvous. It uses either WiFi or your phone’s web data to send texts, pictures and videos to individuals or groups of your favorite people. Who said keeping in touch was hard?

Free: iOS / Android