If you’re someone who takes your coffee seriously, read on. We journeyed across the world, scoured the internet and compiled the ultimate list of the top 9 coffee cities in the world, as rated by the likes of BBC and TripAdvisor. Some of the caffeine meccas listed here might surprise you, but trust us – they’re more than worthy of making the cut!

Let’s start.

9. Havana, Cuba


Topping BBC’s list of great coffee destinations is Havana, Cuba, where the thick, dark brew isn’t just a beverage, it’s almost considered to be its own food group. It also heavily contributes to the social fabric of the island, which might explain why the citizens of Cuba are so happy, lively and full of energy! The city is overflowing with their traditional beverage, café cubano, a full-bodied espresso with sugar that accompanies nearly every meal. Definitely one to try.

8. Rome, Italy

Melanie van Leeuwen

Coffee is synonymous with Italian culture, and the country’s capital is absolutely teaming with cafés. Italians don’t linger over coffee; they drink it standing at the bar whilst chatting with the barista for a few minutes, before getting back to their daily lives. If you decide to sit down and take a break, the coffee will cost you more than having it at the bar as you’re paying for service. Keep in mind, it’s considered a faux pas to order a cappuccino or latte after lunch, as milk is considered bad for digestion after a meal. Get yourself wired with an espresso instead!

7. Melbourne, Australia

Linda Xu

The images of great coffee and the Land Down Under aren’t really two things that go hand in hand, right? Not so! The bustling, cosmopolitan city of Melbourne is absolutely brimming with eclectic little cafés and espresso bars. You’re literally spoilt for choice in the world’s most livable city. The city’s love for coffee began when Italian immigrants began arriving in the 1950s, bringing with them their iconic cultural beverage. You can’t swing a cat in Melbourne without hitting a café!

6. Vienna, Austria


The Viennese coffee house (kaffeehaus in German) culture is world famous. In 2011, it was even included on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Described as a place “where time and space are consumed but only the coffee is found on the bill”, Vienna’s artisan kaffeehaus scene is incredibly vibrant, with the city’s beautiful coffee houses often referred to as the country’s ‘public living rooms’. The specialty here is called a “melange”, a delightful combination of frothy milk and steamed coffee, much like a cappuccino. Forget about your waistline for the day and try their scrumptious pastries and cakes on offer as well!