5. Manila, Philippines


Coffee isn’t something that springs to mind when you think about Manila, but trust me – this place is a coffee lover’s heaven! Coffee production in the Philippines began as early as 1740, when the Spanish introduced coffee to the islands. Not so long ago, the Philippines was the fourth largest coffee producing nation in the world. Nowadays, there’s an abundance of specialty cafés popping up all over the city, their most popular beverage being handcrafted espresso which places a huge focus on latte art. Almost too good to drink!

4. Oslo, Norway


Maybe it’s the cold winters in their part of the world, but Scandinavians consume the most coffee in the world per capita (the top four countries being Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark respectively). In Oslo, Norway, coffee consumption is serious business; they’re reputed to have at least 6 cups per day! Norwegians mostly drink their coffee black, with a light roasting process of the coffee beans creating an almost fruity flavor and aroma. Irresistible!

3. Vancouver, Canada

Gabriel Santiago

Over the past few years, Vancouver’s café scene has boomed as the city enters an era of coffee renaissance. It’s easy to see why it’s now considered to be one of the top coffee cities in the world. You’ll find a plethora of hidden gems to be discovered in Vancity; cafés packed with voracious readers, people typing away on their laptops or chatting with friends over a hot brew. Vancouverites are huge fans of micro-breweries and tend to stay away from the larger, brand-name chains.

2. Taipei, Taiwan

Dorigo Wu

With more than 2,000 coffee houses in Taipei, this bustling Asian city is a real coffee lover’s dream. Influenced largely by the younger generation, you’ll see many independent cafés where friends get together over cappuccinos and play board games in boutique coffee bars, each sporting their own unique, quirky theme. Get out there and explore!

1. Seattle, United States

Dylan Luder

Small, local roasters rule the coffee scene in the Emerald City, and gone are the days where Starbucks (which opened its inaugural store here) dominated. According to CNBC, Seattle boasts the title of the city with highest concentration of coffee houses in the United States. If you’re looking for a great brew, your best bet is to look for those hipster, ‘hole in the wall’-type espresso bars, all boasting their own unique blends.