Paris is arguably one of the most photogenic cities in the world, and it’s no surprise that the City of Lights produces its fair share of talented young photographers, who showcase their incredible work of the beautiful metropolis across the Internet.

Among them is the immensely talented Thomas Francius, a roof-hopping, world-traveling visual artist who captures the people, architecture and everyday life of Paris with dynamic colors, distinct flair and a penchant for symmetry.

We chat with Thomas about his photography, travels, working with Google and photographing Sean Paul.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Thomas.

My name is Thomas. I live near Paris, and I am currently studying art at La Sorbonne in Paris.

I started taking photographs two years ago with my iPhone. I began by posting pictures, flowers, food, some landscapes, and architecture, online. It was awesome for me to start receiving positive comments on my pictures from people all over the world!



When did you begin photography, and how did you make your start?

I met two Parisian photographers, who are now my friends, Paul and Charly. I spend a lot of time exploring and photographing the city with them. They also really inspired me when I began taking photographs.

Your work has a distinct focus on urban life: architecture, traffic, people going about city life. What appeals most to you about this subject matter?

Paris is called the “City of Lights”, and that’s very appropriate. During the day, I love shooting people walking in the streets between shadow and light, and exploring the little streets of Paris. When the sun goes down, it’s pretty cool to catch the different lights on the rooftops, and wait for the darkness of the night to see all the famous monuments become illuminated. It’s like a big show at the end of the day.



In the many places you visit, what do you try to capture and show the world?

I try to capture the essence of a city. Each city has his own characteristics: the people, the architecture, the public transport. New York City is like a movie! On every corner you can catch an interesting view and play with shadows.

How would you describe your creative style?

I want to show different perspectives, a different vision of the famous places in Paris. A view from a rooftop of the Eiffel tower, or a neighborhood, that is completely different. I also seek, as much as possible, to find different perspectives, and to add symmetry to my photos and my portraits.



What’s your favorite city in the world?

My favorite city in the world is Paris. Paris is like home for me because I feel free to explore wherever I want, whenever I want: buildings under construction, rooftops, abandoned buildings and places.

My goal is to travel as much as possible, to see different cultures and different peoples.



Have you worked on any cool collaborations with fellow artists?

I worked with Google to organize a photo-walk in Paris a year ago. It was an incredible experience to talk about photography, and to be surrounded by my friends! I also worked for a jazz festival, and I had the opportunity to shoot Sean Paul.

Tell us about what you’ve been up to lately.

These days I spend most of my time on the rooftops. Sunsets are pretty cool right now because there are clouds. Clouds are so important in creating a nice sunset. I also try to explore more of the surroundings of Paris with my friends.



What’s up next for Thomas Francius?

Perhaps I’ll build a website to showcase my work for brands and personal projects. Some prints of my photos are coming out very soon too. I will travel more too; I’d love to see Tokyo, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.



Whose work do you love on Instagram? Who were your last three follows, and why?

@henryhwu: I met him, thanks to Twitter. I simply sent him a message and we met up in Paris! I love his recent concert photos, and I hope to see him again soon.

@opoline: My favourite photographer based in New York so far. Exploring rooftops with Erik (@_7vn), and him, was an awesome experience. He uses the tones curve perfectly.

@borouhhin: I met him in July in London. 13 years old and a huge talent, He knows how to capture the people in his city, and how to play with light and shadow in the streets.

Check out Thomas’ work on Instagram, 500px and Tumblr. He also does backstages on Snapchat (tommyfrs).