Sydney-based photographer Josip Zrnic captures his adventures along Australia’s beautiful coastlines and across the world.


What’s your story, Josip?

Most of my early childhood was spent in South West Sydney, I’ve always been interested in learning new things and taking on new challenges. I spent most of my childhood outdoors riding my bike around the neighborhood with my sisters. We had a lot of cheeky fun outside, until we got our first video game console (Sega Master System), and that was basically where my love of tech began.

I graduated from Martin College, but it was difficult finding work after college, so I started working in construction with my father. After 8 months of that I finally landed an IT job. 2 years of working basically 7 days a week took its toll on me, so I decided it was time to move on. That’s where my journey with the Seven Network started. A recent move into the TV network’s Olympics Team has made for an interesting last six months. It’s my first time working on the production side; it’s been eye opening the amount of work that goes into even small promos.



You’ve been taking photos for some 8 years – what got you started?

I studied a bit of photography in high school, but never pursued it as a hobby in high school due to the high cost of DSLRs back then. When I started working full-time I decided to buy a proper camera. I’d always intended to travel the world in my early 20’s, but that didn’t happen until my mid 20’s and I’ve got a bit of a travel bug now. Photography is the perfect escape from the technical role I work in; it provides a creative outlet from my day job, plus it’s a great excuse to travel the world!




How did you feel when you first started learning and experimenting with photography?

Armed with a bit of experience with photography in high school, I had a bit of an idea with regards to the basics of photography. Jason de Plater (@jdeplater), a keen photographer friend of mine, helped me out and made it a lot easier. However, I found that the best way to learn was to just go out and shoot and learn the functions of the camera and find the limits of what it could do. I never found the camera to be a limitation for anything I did, just a lack of ideas or creative inspiration.



When did you add travel to the equation, and where did you head?

My first experience travelling was in 2013. After working for Seven for 2 years, I decided to take some time off and travel. I had two places on the top of my bucket list, Japan and New York, so I said “I’ll do a month in each and really get to see the best of both places”!

It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Travelling around Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka for a month and just seeing a different culture and so much history, it was so eye-opening in truly the best possible way.

New York was perfect. Staying just around the corner from the Empire State building, I found myself walking around a lot and eating way too much – it was a load of fun.



Your three favorite countries?

I’ve seen the most of Japan, so that would definitely have to be my favorite. I’ve been back since 2013 for Cherry Blossom season, and my goodness I don’t think I have ever seen anything so beautiful. The amount of people walking the streets, setting up picnics in the middle of paths with Cherry Blossoms floating around them, it was magical.

Canada is my second favourite. I’ve done a bit of the East Coast (Toronto) and some of the West Coast (Calgary and the Banff National Parks). There is just something about the amazing national parks and stunning peaks and breathtaking views that just keep drawing me back. I just wish Australia had the Rockies running through it!

I don’t think I’ve explored enough of other countries to really have a third favorite. I did like Barcelona quite a lot and would definitely recommend anyone who is into art and architecture to visit, it’s simply beautiful. Paris, which I only spent a few days in, was stunning. I can definitely see myself going back there sometime soon.




You’re a born-and-bred Sydney boy. Describe the city in your own words for everyone out there in the world.

Sydney is probably one of the easiest cities in the world to live in (despite its complex planning)! Amazing beaches to the east, stunning national parks to the west and more amazing cafés and restaurants than you could possibly wish for. Throw in a beautiful climate and you can see why so many people call Sydney home!

Apart from the Opera House and Coathanger, what are a few things that every young out-of-towner should see and do in Sydney?

The Bondi to Bronte (or Clovelly) Coastal Walk is one of the most picturesque walks in Sydney. Plenty of photo opportunities and during summer there are heaps of nice beaches along the way for a dip. To get around, I’d definitely suggest hiring a car as a lot of the suburbs in North of Sydney aren’t accessible by train and the ferry will only take you so far.

Once you rent a car, a trip west to the Blue Mountains is highly recommended. With some beautiful national parks and fantastic nature walks, it’s a great escape from the city.

You might also want to take a drive down the coast to Stanwell Tops; more beautiful coastal walks there, and some truly great views available from the vantage points along the way.



What’s one unique thing that Australia offers when it comes to photography?

Apart from our country’s unique stunning scenery (beautiful coastlines, barren deserts, stunning natural parks and hinterlands), there’s also the ability to see a lot of these highlights of Australia without too much driving or moving around.  It’s sometimes easy to take for granted the lucky country we live in!



What’s next for Josip Zrnic?

Next up for me is the Olympics in Rio de Janiero. I’ll be working with the Seven Network in Rio as team photographer. After Rio, I have plans to head back to New York, Canada, and a road trip along West Coast US from Portland to San Francisco.

My website recently went live ( I’ll be blogging a bit more and sharing my work with the Internet.



What’s something you’ve been told about taking photos that’s really stuck with you?

One of the best pieces of photography advice I’ve received is to “buy once and buy well”. A lot times I’ve purchased and sold equipment because I didn’t research properly, which has been quite costly. Research many times. Save. Buy right the first time.



Another profound question we ask all our photographers – what’s your take on selfie sticks?

I’m not the kind of person to take selfies at the best of times! While I don’t see the appeal in them for me, I can definitely see why people like them.



What are you listening to at the moment on your weekend photo cruises?

I love my music. My road trips or weekend cruises are usually spent listening to playlists I create during the week with songs that are new finds or a mix of old favourites. From City and Colour and The 1975, to Of Monsters and Men and M83, I have quite a wide ranging love of music.

Who were the last three people you followed on Instagram?

Nikk_la – amazing Leica Photographer. His work inspires me to go and travel.

Alexstrohl – This guy is constantly out and about seeing the world usually with a giant sleeping bag and tent by his side.

Moners_ – As a landscape photographer, this guy really inspires me with amazing compositions and perspectives different to most.

Lastly, where can everyone see your work?

You can follow me on Instagram here and check out my new website here.