Hard rockers Crobot describes their special brand of blues metal as “Dirty. Groove. Rock”. They deliver all three in spades in their latest album, Welcome to Fat City (the title comes from a wicked backstory involving Hunter S. Thompson and Aspen, Colorado).

Hailing from Pottsville, Pennsylvania, the four-man band consists of lead singer Brandon Yeagley, guitarist/vocalist Chris Bishop, and brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa on bass and drums respectively. The band’s driving, energetic sound has been likened to Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden, and they were acclaimed as the 2014 “Breakout Band of Rock on the Range“.

If that’s not rock ‘n roll enough, they also have their own brand of rolling papers and beer.

Shortly after the release of Welcome to Fat City, Crobot checked in with us to share their story and upcoming tour schedule, and introduce us to their satanic juicer, Juicifer.

Tell us a bit about yourselves – how did Crobot come to be?

Crobot was byproduct of a colossal cosmic energy spasm, and by that, I mean we all met through playing local rock shows. Bishop and Brandon had formed Crobot, and Paul and Jake joined forces with them shortly thereafter. Since both groups bands played similar music, it was an easy decision and transition into the current lineup.

You’ve got a sound that evokes epic ‘70s nostalgia. Who are some of your inspirations?

I think it’d be safe to say that between all of us there’s every genre from folk to hardcore that could be listed. Sometimes Tom Waits will be blaring in the van on tour, sometimes Orange Goblin or some Funkadelic. Of course we love the classics, but as of late it’s the obscure bands or tracks that have been catching us.

Who’s this “Juicifer” we keep hearing about?

Jucifer is exactly who he sounds like. A satanic juicer with the constant thirst for blood orange smoothies and other flavors of the underworld.  Jucifer don’t play… he puree.

…and you also have your own brand of rolling papers and beer?

Yes! We have our own rolling papers and beer because we love getting stoned and drunk. We kept losing our papers and spending a bunch of money on them, so we just got some as merch items so there’s a constant supply! And the beer is great. We work with Double Barley Brewing out of North Carolina and literally every beer they brew is delicious. They have a great tap room and always invite us down to cook out or something. They take great care of us and we love them – and their beer too!

What was it like hitting the road with Motörhead and Anthrax?

Hitting the road with Motörhead and Anthrax was incredible. You’re talking about two legendary bands that all of us have looked up to and admired for years. When we first started that tour it was like trying to hide your inner fanboy everyday. Then you realize all these guys are the nicest people on the planet and you can’t get over the fact that Scott Ian is sitting next to you eating and Mikkey Dee – he just sits down asking how your day is going. It’s like being in a constant state of awe. And Lemmy (RIP) is god!

Tell us about “Welcome To Fat City”.

Welcome to Fat City is our sophomore effort with Wind Up Records and we’re super stoked about it. It has funkier funks and riffier riffs and overall we are really proud of how it came out. We worked with Machine again and had it mixed by Alan Moulder so being able to have both of them on board for the album was definitely a confidence booster for us. Working with guys who have such great reputations lets you know you’re in good hands.

What’s Crobot got planned now that the album is released?

After the album release we’ll probably party a bit, then try to tour our butts off and get as much of this music out there as we can. Tour tour tour tour tour. It’s what we know and so far it’s been working out, so “rinse and repeat” I guess!

Crobot’s latest album, “Welcome to Fat City”, is available through iTunes and Amazon.

Check out Crobot’s official website here, and follow their shenanigans on Facebook and Twitter.